With our thoughts in nature, and a pen in our hand, we can calm our minds and defeat the demons within.

- Charlotte Carpentier

Who Am I?

Welcome in!


I am Charlotte Carpentier, founder of CharKat's Creative Insanity™.

I am a Multi-Maker™.  For as long as I can remember I have had a curiosity about everything, and I love to try just about anything. From learning to sew on my Great Grandmother’s treadle sewing machine, quilting and embroidering by hand, to cartooning for my high school newspaper, making jewelry, and drawing on everything in sight, I have always loved working with my hands and making things.


Over the course of my life, I have explored a variety of cultures and careers, but all of them have had one thing in common. They all center around guiding people to improve their lives; whether it is through art therapy, stress management, physical training, or delivering instruction, it is all about the people.

I am an alumnus of both Cal State – San Marcos and SIU – Carbondale. With dual degrees in Kinesiology and Vocational Education Studies, I know what it takes to keep the mind and body healthy, and how to teach others to do the same in a way that makes sense to them.

I am a Veteran of the United States Army (retired.) My career spanned the Cold War, the first Gulf War, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. My service to my country was an honor, but it left me with a nightmare of pain, depression, and PTSD. 

I am a Zentangle® Artist. I stumbled into Zentangle when I picked up a book and was surprised to find it effective for me as an alternative to anti-depressants and heavy doses of pain medications. I sought out a Certified Zentangle Teacher (or 2) and took classes. The Zentangle process pulls together all the other art forms I have ever practiced and has infiltrated my daily life in a way I never imagined anything could. It makes me happy. It makes me calm. It keeps me from killing people (kidding!)

I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher. I specialize in teaching the Zentangle Method in individual and group settings, with an emphasis on creating art, even if you think you cannot draw. If you can hold a pen, I can help you find the peace and happiness that I have found.

I am the woman behind CharKat’s Creative Insanity and would love to inspire you to practice your art or craft. I know lots of stuff about lots of stuff. And I am always willing to share it.

I am a Knitter. During a vacation in 2017,  the TSA in Australia took my scissors (I was working on a wool appliqué project,) I was bored during the long flights and downtime in hotels. I found a yarn shop near my hotel in Christchurch, New Zealand, and purchased a ball of yarn with a free pattern and the needles to do it. I was immediately hooked, and have been knitting furiously every since.

I am here, in this place and in this time, to help you discover the joy, sense of accomplishment, and peace of mind that can be attained though practicing art, in whatever form or forms you choose. 

Being a Multi-Maker brings everything together!

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